Katina Lillios, Anthropology, Ph.D.

I have participated in SROP/McNair as a mentor in the past: 
I am interested in being a SROP/McNair mentor: 
Associate Professor of Anthropology
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
I would be willing to have my research interests published on the Graduate College's Iowa SROP/McNair website: 
Research Project Title: 

Bioarchaeological Analyses of the Late Neolithic and Early Bronze Age Population of Bolores, Portugal

Research Assistant(s): 
Archaeology Laboratory Assistant
Research Description: 

Our project is involved in analyzing the impact of social change on the health and lives of ancient people. Excavations have been carried out at Bolores - a 4500 year burial site in Portugal - by a UI team, under the direction of Dr. Katina Lillios. The remains from Bolores are being analyzed at the University of Iowa before their eventual return to Portugal. This research will contribute to a better understanding of the history of complex societies, including their collapse. 

Undergraduate Role: 
I need one or two research assistants in the summer of 2013 to help in the cleaning, labeling, and photography of ancient human remains (bones) excavated from a 4500-year-old burial site in Portugal. The undergraduate/s will work with members of the project team, including myself, and other experienced undergraduate students in the Department of Anthropology (Macbride Hall).
Undergraduate Minimum Qualifications: 
Neat penmanship, attention to detail, knowledge of Excel (or willingness to learn to work with Excel), knowledge of basic photography, reliability.